The power of personal transformation

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The power of personal transformation

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the studio continues to champion and further strengthen its core belief of lifestyle fitness inclusivity by launching our new 6WBR program ‘Seasons in the City’. The program speaks of fresh beginnings designed to reset your body by simply eliminating foods that may be considered harmful and increasing foods that your body naturally thrives on - a 6 Week Body Reset holistic wellness program designed to reset your body so you can achieve fat loss, muscle gains and more energy available across all body-types. Your body will return to working the way it is made to. You will think better, feel better, look better, burn fat more easily, and be able to listen to the real needs of your inner being.

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Testimonials ~ Past Transformers

“From the start, Andrew worked me hard in the gym and took a genuine interest in my life. He took me shopping, showed me how I should be eating and what I should do to make significant change to my lifestyle. Andrew’s friendship, concern and care is outstanding. 

His knowledge of health and fitness is great. I have now lost over 20kgs and have my blood pressure and Diabetes under control. For the first time in years, I am confident of winning the battle for good, all thanks to Andrew!“

- Lindsay Garner

“A few years back I had my blood checked by my doctor and he said that my sugar level indicated I was borderline diabetic. 

Since starting personal training with Andrew I have reset my body, brought my sugar level back to it’s original state, started a proper exercise regime and I feel fitter and look better than I have ever been in my whole life. Thanks Andrew! “

- Alex Same

“Working with Andrew has made me fitter, made me stronger, and shown me ways to maintain energy through proper nutrition. 

I run my own business and I cannot imagine how I’d get through the day without the exercise and diet programs Andrew created specifically for me. Better yet, his genuine interest in my progress means I’m always equipped for the next challenge, no matter what! The difference since I first started really is like night and day.”

- Tom Valcanis

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